Thursday, June 17, 2010

dhamma giri experience!

finally i am posting pics from Dhamma Giri in Igatpuri, dist. Nashik where i had gone for a 10 day vipassana meditation programme. the place is beautiful and i was super lucky to have a great view from my room as well. seems like i've been undergoing an introduction to buddhism course with our honeymoon in bhutan and now this!

this above is the main meditation hall for women

the place was in full bloom, it was green everywhere, flowers were blooming and the trees were abundant with fruit

there were jackfruit trees, figs, lemons, some berries, mango and what not!

we observed strict segregation of men and women and so this board in the men lunch area where we were allowed to go on the last day :)

it was a great experience for me in terms of its uniqueness, the fact that i was able to take 10 days off for this and not for a holiday with family was super since i don't know when i'll get this opportunity again!
observing silence was the easy part for me, what was tough was to meditate for almost 12-15 hours everyday and not having anything to do in the free time that was given for rest.
i certainly feel just a little calmer than before...and hope that this phase lasts a while (i have serious doubts), the merit of this form of any form of meditation technique is in its regular practice and i hope i find the motivation to make it a part of my life everyday!

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