Thursday, June 17, 2010

the 1 for shagun

hello all!
i wanted to take some time out to thank all of the wonderful you who visit and read my blog regularly. this blog officially has a 101 readers and that is a lucky number!
i know i have to reply back to some of your mails and responses, i still have to plan the giveaway i know i know things have been a little slow with me lately...i will get back on track soon i promise!
till then thank you for being there...ever so patiently :)



sulagna ™ said...

and your next door (well next neighbourhood) blogger is the first one to drop in and say "Congratulations girl"

there are more to come..i promise

Rave said...

Make that a 102! Congrats.. some beautiful stuff on your blog.. :) And the coasters are the sweetest!!

TheKeyBunch said...

Hi Kanika,

Congrats on touching that magic number! How have you been? I am soooo guilty...u know of what...I shall call you in a few days...this time I really will!:)


neha said...

Hi Kanika,
Came across your blog and really like it :) You should update more often.. adding you to my blogroll and hoping to see more from you..
I'm Neha btw, I'm a photographer and design blogger.
Noticed you went for vipasana, how was it?