Friday, April 17, 2009

spiral staircases

i got introduced to spiral staircases in NID where i studied and got introduced to almost everything:P. i fell in love with them the first time i climbed them for my worshop and interview there. bright orange (the Hanuman orange if u know what i mean) in colour and very decorative metal spiral stairs similar to the one above (this one is via and is a pic from some a fort).

i find them quite charming especially in metal painted all white (more victorian) but i also like the wooden ones. i'd love to have one in my house... what do you think of these...? do you have one in your home??


Unknown said...

NO, i don't have a spiral staircase, but would have loved to have it...nice post. - rekha

Unknown said...

thanks for the comment rekha! i must have a spiral staircase in my house, i think one can have a lot of fun with them esp. indoors:)

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

I am in love with spiral staircases...specially the old metalled ornamental ones. Would love to have in my home..even though it might not lead anywhere :)

Its been long since you showcased your own work ... please do!

Unknown said...

hi bhavna!! Thank you for your comment!!
about showing my work online...since i'm currently working with an export house, my boss had some issues with me putting my work here, since it technically belongs to the to avoid any confrontations i removed my earlier work from the blog as well :(

it just means that i'll have to now work (non commercial projects)in my free time and upload it here..
i should , i must!

Anonymous said...

When I first heard Led Zeps "stairway to heaven" I thought that it must be a spiral staircase.It goes round and round and you have to careful lest you will fall.
I think that's when I dropped the idea of going to heaven.See how design effects our everyday life
(and death)

outdoor spiral stairs said...

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i just loved it.

Mark Hunter said...

Iron has made its name through Spiral Stairs
I like metal spiral stairs.
They give's a nice look.
And the way they designed. I just luved it

commercial iron doors said...

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Unknown said...

Great post! I could look at spiral staircases all day. I always said that I will have spiral stairs in my house one day. I just bought a house and I was looking at spiral staircase prices the other day. Hopefully I can put them in my house, they would add elegance (which is what I'm looking to do). Thanks so much for sharing!