Friday, April 10, 2009

free people

so there is this website that i frequently visit JLT.. (just like that hahhaha)..its called freepeople.
i love the boho chic flavour of this website and i think they have the cutest models...whats super is that they are regulars on this site. the clothes and accessories are fun and hassle free...i love the shoe collection and the website in some way reminds of anthropologie though what that is i cannot put a finger on. so visit it if you like and there is also a blog which you might find interesting...i'm a huge fan.

these images of memory keys was found over at the free people blog and are by the AMT studio.
i love old keys...and have a couple of my own...will share the pics soon:)



Anonymous said...

those look different!!!

Filipa said...

Great post! Design lovers get inspired! You have to meet this Brand!