Thursday, March 26, 2009

i cannot believe i missed it

now i know i am really bad with dates...but to have missed celebrating the 1st birthday of my blog is shameful!
its been more than a year since i started blogging people...and i am really pleased with the slow but sure progress that i have made. :) on this happy realisation that i missed the date i would like to introduce a co blogger(who by the way doesn't miss anything)...if you will allow me... to keep the activity alive on my blog. the co blogger however is not related to any aspect of design.
he'll be here talking about movies!! what do you think? is that a good idea? why not? lets try it.
Vivek (my boyfriend remember... and now my co blogger) is an avid film watcher and critic. he watches a whole lot of movies and needs to share what he feels about each one of them.
somehow i feel it justifies film watching if you can share the reviews with somebody doesn't it?
so how should we do it...fix up a day...every week to give you a weekly dose of movies? let me check with him and we'll take it from let me know what you think about the idea ok?


Anonymous said...

wow!! Happy 1st Anniversary!! I'm not sure I'll get there!!!

Hey.. cant wait to read all the movie reviews.. Looking forward to more blogging from your end!

Unknown said...

thanks Patricia! and ofcourse u must continue blogging too!

let me warn you about the movie reviews....vivek ends up watching a lot of world cinema but somehow the percentage of indian movies in his idea of the world is low :)

i hope you enjoy really looking forward to reading them here too!


Congrats girl :) I hope you post more often , love some of your older posts :)