Saturday, March 28, 2009

and the faff award goes to...

kanika instructed me to be witty with my introduction...and i told her you know how my jokes make you fall off the table (i wish!). so with that, i am vivek currently doing a masters in something obnoxious. to give you a little background, i got into movie watching..cinema is what i like to call it at times (i can be a snob) about 7 odd years back when i was doing my undergrad in Delhi.

i was lucky to be living in central Delhi and thus most libraries were only a few minutes away. it all started with FIRC (French Information Resource Center, 2 Aurangzeb Road) and the film club at Habitat that i walked into a whole new world (what a cliche!). i was watching anywhere between 3-5 new titles a week and i couldn't stop. Godard hit me and next came Fellini and then Herzog..Kieślowski..Antonioni..Bergman..Wong Kar Wai (kanika just said i am way too formal and i'm throwing too many names). i love hollywood and off course bollywood..(i'm supposed to love bollywood aren't i)

too much has been said already so to get on..i hope you enjoy reading my reviews and if you get bored do tell.

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