Saturday, February 14, 2009

out in the sea

this last one week i was out travelling through western India. time was short (remember i am an employee) and i was travelling with family so i didn't travel as much as i should have, as much as i could have...but i did some and here i am sharing the pictures with you.

i took a flight to Pune where i lived with my newly wed cousins for 4 days. i had so much fun shopping for cheap (rs. 50) Osho chappals from just outside the Osho Ashram in Koregaon Park (KP). sipped coffee and ate an apple pie at the very famous German Bakery again at KP, dinner at ABC Farms (they even make their own vodka), The Great Punjab (good food, good ambiance, affordable, good service), Sigree (very good according to my mom who ate there while i was catching up with friends) and had a super time. went to Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani for a day trip. did Karting for the very first time (it was wild)! the best time to go to Mahabaleshwar though is during the monsoons (am waiting for the pics so will post them soon).
took a bus ride from Pune to Mumbai which was really comfortable, and read about the laws of attraction in this very popular book called The Secret. (thoughts become things people!)

OK so i'll stop with my blabber now and show you some pictures taken in Mumbai (i am waiting for my pics from Pune and Mahabaleshwar) i hope you enjoy them!

bus ride from Pune to Mumbai
soap bubbles at Juhu Beach
chana jor garam chat at Juhu Beach
chuski sharbat (ice candy colours) at Juhu beach
sunset at BandStand (outside Sharukh Khan's house:)
i also went to south bombay which i am in love is so beautiful and scenic. took a small ferry ride from outside the Gateway of India and the beautiful Taj hotel. walked through the lanes of Colaba and checked out designer shops just behind The Taj Hotel. i had no battery in my digicam by now and so could not click many pictures. have some in my mobile that i should be able to upload today and of course got the many photographers who line outside Gateway to click us in front of the Monument. so have to scan that one too:)


pinky said...

i´m loving your blog! thank you for sharing
om shanti

Unknown said...

Om Shanti Pinky!
Thank you for visiting :)

Upkaran said...

Glad you had a Fun time……

It very sensational how you mange to capture the mundane roadside colors & give them life turning them into images so spectacular……

~ ॐ ~ said...

ah !!!

Chana jor Garam !!!