Friday, January 27, 2012

that healthy resolution.....

so many of us have made healthy new year resolutions haven't we....and so many such resolutions aren't followed through....well here's your chance to change that!

meet Chandana Banerjee, a Health Coach, wellness writer, whole foods culinarian and the founder of Luscious Health a boutique wellness studio
well i knew Chandana as a freelance writer (Pink Elephant Writing Studiowho so graciously wrote about my humble blog in the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and so i was pleasantly surprised when i got to know of her as a health coach...!!! 

Chandana will be working with people on how to reach their health goals, including stress reduction, increasing energy, losing weight, and improving their overall health and happiness quotient. she plans to accomplish this by supporting them with their food and lifestyle choices.

Chandana has always had an interest in health, holistic healing and nutrition, and has been writing about these topics quite a bit. she decided to increase this knowledge and learn in a formal training program. trained at the largest nutrition school in the world – the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York, she has learnt a lot more than a 100 dietary theories.

wait, there is more to this post!! Chandana has offered a free health session for all my wonderful readers and that is YOU!!!
it is a great way for your to see how her Health and Nutrition Coaching works and how it can positively impact your lives!!

the offer is valid till: feb 15.write to Chandana at

still here....??? go grab this offer now!!!

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