Monday, January 2, 2012

granny's love

.....its really special isn't it?
i grew up in a joint family and was lucky to have known the love and care of my grand parents. i know many who aren't so lucky and miss out on so much!! 
my grand mother used to be an extremely independent and active she's bed ridden and its been over two years. she was an active soon as she got to know about a pregnant relative she'd start knitting cute little baby clothes...complete from booties to vests and caps. i grew up wearing woolen vests knitted by my badi mummy. i did not appreciate them so much then....but now i do...more so since i know that my children will not have such a mother does not knit..and now badi mummy can't!

why am i talking about grannies and kids and hand knitted woolies all of a sudden you ask? well because i want to introduce to you a very special and utterly cute new venture started by a very dear friend of mine. 

 her venture is called....granny's love and yes she sells hand knitted goodies by grannies across the country... isn't this a wonderful idea?? lima das, the woman behind this lovely venture is a textile design graduate from NID (we were in the same batch and are super pals). she has tied up with a few grannies all over the country (7 right now and growing in number) who make sweaters, vests, booties, caps and other accessories and she helps them sell these pieces on her website and facebook page for a marginal profit.

major chunk of the profit is shared with the creative grannies and some is reinvested in the venture.

lima hopes to expand her little idea by selling online and through exhibitions. you may even request custom items, gift baskets etc on her website. she plans to launch a line of hand crafted accessories for tiny tots very soon.
haven't you fallen in love with the duck booties then what are you waiting for...go check out her website now!!!

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