Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i am back

from a 10 day trip to delhi and what a trip it was! it is always good to be in that city....apologies to all the friends i thought i would have time to meet....but just didn't....there was a wedding in the family and then some work...since all my family is in delhi...its a mad mad busy time...i do hope you understand and forgive me this time!! :)

well now that we have that sorted :D...i arrived and my new tuesday afternoon was waiting for me...along with the wonderful diary i won over at seoul curry...
the yun diary is so cute....very well made shweta, thanks!!

what???? you don't know about tuesday afternoon still? let me introduce the company to you then....it is a bag and accessory brand run by the really talented designer from nift mumbai, called anuja mukim.

i met her at the black taxi event and fell in love with this half circle bag...mine is customized and is green on one side and pink on the other.....i wish i could share some pictures of my new treasures with you....but i have lost my camera charger in between delhi and pune..so the pics will have to wait.

for now here are some pics from tuesday afternoon's fb page...do visit and happy shopping!

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Emreen said...

Thats a cute and colorful diary that you have won..