Wednesday, May 4, 2011

and another is in pool!!

yup the design do know about it don't you??

here is what they say..

"Pool is a monthly design magazine being published by Designindia
The first-of-its-kind magazine to be launched in India by INDI Design
The aim of Pool is inspiring via innovative approaches in never-seen-before Design/Innovation/Creativity features. We are committed to bringing about a publication that covers all design domains and stays true to the very essence of creativity and human development."
so yours truly has been featured in their latest may issue :D i am sooo happy...more so because it is all about blogging and what i think of it...not my work as a textile designer! see that tiny pic on the bottom left, you recognize me don't you?
click here to read the full issue can also subscribe to the print version here
thank you pool!!! it is this that makes blogging so rewarding!

by the way check out karishma shahani's work (the girl on the cover)...i love it...i am sure you will too!


Shanthi said...

Congrats!!! That was a lovely article in the pool and thanks for sharing pool

My Dream Canvas said...

Yay!! Congratulations Kanika.

Poorvi said...

Hey Kanika, Congratulations! I need to read it still, but visually it looks so great. Such a huge volume and spread of work! Congratulations again!