Tuesday, February 1, 2011

anek design featured on dzine trip

yayayaaayyayyaya!!! its a happy day!! anek designs has been featured on dzine trip and if you haven't seen it yet...go now what are you waiting for?
here is what murtaza, the founder of dzine trip has to say about his wonderful blog:

"Dzine Trip was initiated as a blog within the four walls of my studio with the sole aim of sharing design ideas & projects. Initially my readers consisted of my dear wife & some close friends. With the technical support & motivation from friends,  I was able to build & develop a full fledged website called www.dzinetrip.com. Also, this online design magazine wouldn't have been possible without the unconditional support & love of my dear wife. (we like the sentiment murtaza:)
Dzine Trip is an online design magazine dedicated to innovations in the design industry. We aim at researching and showcasing one of the best innovative & cutting edge designs from across the globe. Our main focus lies in the field of Architecture, fine arts, industrial design and interior design."

it is a wonderful blog and you'll love it...trust me!

thanks murtaza!! cheers!!

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~G said...

Congratulations once again Kanika. Didn't come by here after we met at your exhibition. You did a great job! You seemed so thrilled there and your designs are just awesome!
When I got there I was very sleepy and tired day but your excitement was contagious and the vibrant colours did uplift my mood. Felt a lot chirpier when I left.