Thursday, February 3, 2011

DIY: table lamp

so today i am going to share with you the lamp that i made sometime's how the story goes....
once upon a time i had a beautiful bottle lamp that was a birthday gift to me by my ex boss and it looked like this:
then one day i was sweeping the floor in a foul mood (maid troubles.....we have all been through those haven't we?) and swish went my broom...a little too close...toppling my beautiful glass bottle lamp....breaking it into a million little pieces (and my heart)....many days went by and i still had the holder not knowing what to do....

enter: my husband with a box of pringles....which we both finished as quickly as we could (not because i had  a DIY dream but because thats just how we eat....hahahha)
what came in handy is an annoying habit of not throwing away perfectly good cardboard boxes in any shape size or colour (yes apart from this annoying my husband it makes me crazy all the time too but i just can't help it)!
then i had an idea seemed like it would work...but i wasn't sure the size would fit...nonetheless i went ahead cut the tin rim off the pringle cylinder and put it on my lamp base....and it fit perfectly!!!!!!

no stopping me then.....i went ahead and made this lamp.
so heres a list of what you need. a box of pringle with chips eaten as quickly as they can be eaten...

some beautiful printed handmade paper, a cutter, a scale, some glue, a big fat needle, a little bird paper clip just add some more pretty to the pictures :D and of course a circular bulb holder/lamp base.

heres how you do it:

cut out the tin rim off the pringle box (or not suit yourself ...ha), measure the paper and cut a little extra for pasting.

put glue all over the cut paper...the wrong side of course and roll it over the cylinder. carefully turn and paste the sides (since it is circular making small incisions all around the edge helps fold it better)
so now it was done..but i didn't really want such an opaque structure for a gave out light only from the top and it just wasn't enough....
then take a big fat needle and a ton of patience and sit down in front of the TV piercing the lamp shade to make holes all over (random or lined...again up to you)....i like to watch 'how i met your mother', 'two and a half men', 'friends' and 'simpsons' back to back on star world...yes it is going to take you that long to pierce the damn thing....;)
and voila the lamp shade is ready!! this is how it looks finished and sitting pretty on our make shift bed side rack!
version yourself all the trouble...take a printed sheet, roll and paste the two edges to size and just put  it on the base....i used a madhubani which of course when lit, doesn't show...but when it is not lit it looks just as must remember these pics from my earlier posts....and it gives out more light!

oh warning....i don't know how a single sheet of paper behaves in close contact with a light bulb for a longer duration...does it burn?? i dunno you tell me :)
the cardboard pringle option holds ground and has not been burnt so far!
do tell me if you like what i did...and yes i am tagging this to the keybunch DIY carnival!
happy DIY ing!!! :D
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