Friday, January 28, 2011

so what next?

now that the exhibition is over....what should i plan next hmmm??
of course i have a few custom orders that i need to about a week-10 days for that. i must look at other exhibitions happening around town and see if i can fit in somewhere..reconnect, connect with friends, colleagues, to meet some in the last two days and it was i must do more of this :D
check with all the store i am supplying to and refill stock...

i really wish i had spent more time with all the fellow bloggers who turned up to meet me and bought my i am a little sad that i couldn't sit down for a cup of chai and a little chat with those of you who came...perhaps a bloggers meet now will be a good idea..what say?

also the society complex that i live in...mahindra woods, is organizing a small carnival for the residents (guests are welcome) and i have decided to participate as well. i will be there, displaying my wares again and so if you wish to drop by and say'll be great and i'd love to meet you again. the carnival is tomorrow i.e. 29th of January 2011 from 5 pm onwards....will i see you there?

this will give me a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow residents since i hardly know anyone....yes and i will soon complete a year in bad!!


pal said...

Where is exactly mahindra woods? I missed ur exhibition as I was out of town for 2 days for my sons birthday. So wuld love to see your lovely creations at the carnival. And congrats on a successful exhibition.

Unknown said...

Hey there!

Mahindra Woods is near Kalewadi Phata
right next to Park Street...just come straight on university road thats all :)
It is a really small society carnival for kids...nothing big or fancy and i have a small small stall...just so you don't expect too much :) You are welcome to come by 5pm onwards!

pal said...

Thanks!.. will try to come for problem if it is small..I stay in aundh so its not too far from me :-)

pal said...

Love the envelopes..the more I look at them, like them even more. I had planned earlier to pick up the lovely pink cushion covers but realised I didnt know the correct next time hopefully :-). Overall great stuff..keep going!!