Wednesday, December 8, 2010

strolling on the orange bicycle

hey are from bangalore right?? have you checked out the newest quirkiest coolest store in your city yet?? yes i am talking about the orange bicycle?? no?? what are you waiting for da??? 


 that tiny cushion in the corner...anek designs...hurray..!!
 yuss yuss they do have an orange bicycle and you thought they were just trying to be cool he he
 yuss yuss that is right...anek designs now also retails @ the orange bicycle!! pls go buy some cushions and key rings na? :D (push marketing...more like nagging :)
 but tell me seriously....doesn't the store look awesome?? haina haina?? so go now!!

check out the website: or connect with them on facebook!

P.S. yuss yuss i am back!!


Unknown said...

I didnt know this existed here in Bangalore! Its almost embarrasing! Will definitely be checking it out this weekend! thank you for sharing this!

Rekha said...

TFS this kanika, I plan to be there one of these weekends. Can't wait to see ur cushions live :)