Wednesday, December 29, 2010

vishala: amdavad: christmas weekend trip

so vivek (my husband) and i spent the christmas weekend in ahmedabad with my dad (thats where he is currently is a great city btw..i love it)...we did all the touristy things this time since vivek hasn't seen all these places we went to vishala which is a village theme restaurant and we were served food in true gujarati style.
within vishala there is a utensil museum and it houses100-1000 year old utensils..all collected over time by the owner of vishala....i love the museum and it is such a delight seeing the old copper and brass pots and pans...and some really unusual ones too.
here are some pics from the trip...

guess what it is? its a spice the ones that every indian household must have...we of course have it in steel...and now some in plastic oh and some in glass...but this one is so much nicer isn't it..and so clever...wonder why nobody makes them like this anymore???

largest collection of nut crackers in the world...when i told my husband he thought i was talking about haldiram nut crackers tsk tsk :D

and now guess what these'll never guess...these are children's milk bottles...and were really tiny!!

these were the gorgeous plates we were served in..we even had these really cool wooden knee supports to help us sit comfortably on the floor!

well i do have many more pics of the utensils...but i think i must stop now, so if you find yourself in amdavad then vishala is a must go for a traditional dinner i say!
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