Thursday, December 16, 2010

simple pleasures

britannia jim jam biscuits and pretty paper doilies (manager at polka dot restaurant gave them to me free :)
on a not so warm evening, while sitting and watching tv...priceless i say!! i love these jim jam biscuits...nothing great, the strawberry jam in the center is sticky and chewy...but they remind me of somethings in my childhood and more :)


Tanu said...

Just love these biscuits.....yummm.. just by looking at your post, made me go to d cafeteria n get a packet n have them all... :)

Sharon said...

Hey Kanika,

Thanks for the lovely gifts- I really loved them! And I am so happy with the cushion covers too...thanks a whole bunch! Have a fun year-end!

Sudha said...

loved the biscuit and pic looks so tempting..u took me back to childhood evenings when we had them with our glass of milk :)..this and NICE biscuits

Unknown said...

Kanika! the jimjams seem soo tempting!!! and i'm stuck in office!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Sharon!
thank you for your purchase really :)
I will let you know as soon as the second cushion is ready!

Oh Sudha I love nice biscuits too!

Tanu you get these at your cafeteria...!! Super :)

Nami....did you grab a packet yet??