Friday, December 10, 2010

goa beach wedding and more

remember i had gone to goa for a wedding recently...well it was great...the venue was awesome. it was the lalit intercontinental in canacona, south goa (south of south :)
 these are some pics of the had its own private beach and is a huge property.
there were a series of beach carnivals and pool parties prior to the wedding ceremony which we missed but i was told they were a huge success!

the vedi where the pheras took place, canacona beach, goa :)
the only thing i felt was that the beach wedding makes sense when there is ample natural an early evening (thats when the pic was taken) is so much better than night (when the north indian pheras take place).
you don't even see the beach at night time...!!!
all i all it was a huge success and i had a great time during our stay here...our rooms were great and all the arrangements were excellent!! hurray for the hosts!
post the ceremony husband and i took off for our own little holiday and went to see the chatai huts where we had originally planned to stay @ palolem beach, 2kms from canacona. when we reached palolem beach (which is breathtaking and a must go) we were told that the huts weren't ready yet...a little dissappointed yes...but we did need to find a place to we went looking and saw ciaran's...again beach huts....but they looked great..on enquiring it was all booked (but it was so good looking that we plan to stay there next time :). we did however grab a bite at the ciaran's restaurant/beach shack. i highly recommend this place if you plan to visit south goa anytime..
so we couldn't find a place to our liking in palolem...and went to another popular south goan beach called we decided to stay at the skylark resorts

this place is small and the breakfast is not included in the room tariff...but our stay here was really nice. it was neat, the staff was friendly and the decor of the rooms (sheets, towels etc) was a la fab india! even the furniture looked like it was from fab india...
colva beach
 martin's corner

 palolem beach...the goa essentials!

 palolem beach shacks

 ciaran's palolem

 our friend enjoying sea food left overs at ciaran's

fisherman's wharf

so the beaches we checked out on this trip were cancona, palolem (my fav) and colva. of course we had to check out martin's corner and fisherman's wharf which came highly recommended for eating out...and thankfully both were in south goa...had a super time at both these restaurants and highly recommend them!

we had a great time in goa...and  south goa is highly recommended for a peaceful goan holiday!


Sudha said...

Ah! so magical :)

Rekha said...

Sounds fun hunting for the resort :)

The Ketchup Girl said...

I always wanted a beach wedding. I've told this to my daughter- if she ever dicides to marry, we'll have a beach wedding for her. Salam namaste style. :). YOu look good!

Sharon said...

such fun! glad u had a whale of a time:)

Sound Horn Please said...

welcome back! glad you had such a great time in Goa :)