Wednesday, September 8, 2010

and i need a bed!!

yes i don't have one currently and thought i wouldn't really feel the need to buy one soon...but i do...i want to make my bed and dress it up and make it look pretty....when you are sleeping on mattresses on the floor...ummm making beds is a difficult task......oooh i know these are all excuses...i just want a!!

and then there are these beauties(via anindiansummer)

my budget for a bed is really tiny (rs15000) and the options that i see in this category are well average..nothing that i like so it really asking for too much...can i not buy a bed i like with the money i am willing to spend?? tell me...please!
here are some pictures of beds that i liked on google....very simple some of them....but so hard to find (and i don't want the malaysian wood/rubber wood/mdf beds..i want a solid indian wood bed)
images via google

what a pretty headboard<3 (via purplehomes)
when oh when??

oh and the bed guide on designsponge is just awesome just have a look!


Unknown said...

kanika, considered getting one made? its fairly cheaper and you can get exactly what you want..I hope you find your dream bed!

Unknown said...

wow gorgeous beds with attitude ...a visual treat indeed

Swati said...

Tough job to find a good bed in Pune! Try Ishanya. We got ours from In Living (

Ashutosh said...

I got mine made... its a low rise bed... 5x7 feet... one half with two drawers and other half with two boxes... and back rest... total budget 8k approx :)

Unknown said...

hello all thanks for all your suggestions!!!

i have found a may not be my dream bed...but it'll do for now since i don't know how long i'm going to be in pune...
will post the picstures soon

thanks again!!