Friday, September 24, 2010

mora taara:store profile

i am sure most of you know about mora taara, the eclectic store on pedder road in mumbai....what you may not know is that the store owner anuradha has recently opened her second store in galaxy mall (nr. 32nd milestone) gurgaon, NCR!!!!

 here's what anuradha has to say about the store and how it was born :)

"The store essentially combines my two great loves - travelling and shopping. 
Having a store full of beautiful things is something I have always wanted - ever since I was five - so the store was kind of inevitable. Before starting the store in 2005,  I was a journalist of 10 years.  Two of those years I was with a newspaper in Bangkok and I travelled a lot in South East Asia then. So that was natural place for me to start sourcing.  The emphasis on warm atmosphere, great service and fabulous hand-picked products from all over the world.  We do a lot of our own designing now that is manufactured in India. We have two stores now - on Peddar Road, Mumbai  (022-65754822)and in Galaxy Hotel, Gurgaon (0124-4278392).  Next is the online store - our website will be up in the next 2 months"

i am waiting for the online exciting to find all the beautiful products without having to step out of your house!! 

the fabulous store is named after anuradha's grand mother "tara"...mora taara essentially means my star...i think it is a beautiful name

thank you anuradha for sharing your story and these lovely pictures from the store!!


Sharon said...

what a lovely store! thanks for sharing...and those cushion covers in ur latest post? are they yours?

where can i see the whole collection?

let me know please, Kanika?


Unknown said...

than you Sharon!! yes the cushion covers in the latest post are mine :)
i can send you pics of all the cushion covers i have designed so far...most of them are one offs and are now all over the country...:) some with taxxi/vitamin k store in mumbai, some with mora taara and some more down south that i will tell you about when they are displayed...

siddhant said...

iam waiting for your online store....please offer some discount ..maybe only once otwice a year.I just loved your collection.

siddhant said...

I keep visiting the store in ggn.Iam waiting for the online store...just wish you can offer discounts once or twice a year so that I could buy more n more...awesome collection.