Monday, May 10, 2010

the weekend diary

so i went to the India International Furniture and Decor Fair that was held over the weekend here in Pune and came back with these two little African birds...aren't they real cute? now i bought these from a Kenyan girl who apparently is a regular participant in these fairs. she had some really good stuff :)

and what do you think of my white bougainvillea? i have wanted a bougainvillea plant in my house ever since i was a little kid (: and now i have it! when i picked it up from the nursery it was just some leaves...and within a week it began to blossom and i fell in love!

i bought these two ceramic bowls over the weekend too...from a local seller in aundh...he had a cart full of exciting things made of ceramic and recycled galss {which is a  rage in the design world now but oh so common in my country Jai Hind (salute)}.

the art piece in the background: the center piece (with the writing) is work of an artist on etsy who goes by the name Freya Art and Design and i put the collage together myself :)
i got more stuff too.... time!

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