Wednesday, May 26, 2010

busy b

so what have i been up to recently, hmm lets see...
i have been thinking about all the products that i plan to make..cushions, mats, table runners, napkins, pouches etc. for this i went exploring the old city of Pune over the weekend, i was guided by a senior cum friend M from college :) and found lots of interesting shops and fabrics.
i bought some fabric for my sister in law's living room this sister in law of mine hence forth referred to as SIL (my brother's wife) also lives in Pune and is totally cool.
so i will be designing the cushions for her as my next project and will be posting about them right here on my watch this space.

the coaster business is going just fine thanks to my very large family! touch wood now!
a cousin in Delhi has ordered 20 sets...thats like a hundred coasters thank you very much! i have no idea what he plans to do with them...send them out as corporate gifts or something? i will have to replenish my RM (raw material) reserves for this order. cousin in Bombay ordered a set..the one that i posted yesterday. my dear friend N, also a blogger, who now lives in London (ahhh when will i go there again) ordered three sets yesterday, SIL from above has orderd two sets, cousin V from Pune bought a black and white set, my other sister in law called Di (husband's Sister) who is in US wants a set...two friends have already bought from me...

so all that makes me a very busy and a very happy girl. no i don't become a woman just because i am married now :)
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