Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a dream of having a dream work station in my home!

oh when will i have a workstation that is not a dining table?



Parul said...

The bane of people working from home! I love the last picture.

tongueincheek said...

Recently got a dedicated phone line and internet connection fixed for uninterrupted access. But since I am on the dining table I answer all sundry phonecalls,doorbells and random errands.Price you pay for being the most visible person in the house!
But its just a phase..so dont fret!salvation is near..
am assuming you're taking up entrepreneurship with gusto? my congratulations!

Ashutosh said...

The pics have great visual appeal no doubt, but if you notice none of the chairs are comfy enough to sit at a stretch. Like in my case, have to sit almost continuously for 9-10 hours while working. Don't think thats possible on these chairs. Is there some alternative, which provides a good back support and at the same time is economical as well :)