Tuesday, April 20, 2010

it is time i started making and selling!

so you remember the Japanese coasters that i made sometime back?

well i have finally decided to make more of them for sale.
it is an idea i have been toying with for a long time now...to start making home accessories for sale...to take small but sure steps in this direction and so here i am sharing my plans with you..
i plan to make the coasters reversible, in five designs with a mix of geometric and floral...
in case any of you are interested, do please let me know so i can maybe show you some colour options and customize them for you!
the pricing and shipping isn't final yet so i'm going to have to work on that, but writing it here for me makes it a little more concrete than it being just an idea floating in my head!

i'll need all the encouragement and support!

hurray to a new hopeful beginning!

kanika :)
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