Friday, March 27, 2009


remember i had talked about the custom of giving money in India on religious or festive occasions? that was my 51st post (ikyavan=51 in Hindi).
so i recently figured out the reason why the custom of adding that one rupee to the total sum of money as Shagun (something auspicious) exists. the reason is simple and logical. an amount that ends in zero=0 means the end of the transaction; there is no continuity in the amount, so a rupee is added to make the amount odd and hence guarantee future exchanges...:)

i think its a really sweet custom and i like the significance of that rupee.. what do you think?


Anonymous said...

really>>>?? is that the reason!! I just thought that the one coin extra was for good luck!!

Vik said...

Interesting indeed. :)

nikheel said...

Oh I didn't know that!
Thanks for sharing!