Tuesday, August 19, 2008

only after confusion arrives clarity

i have been hanging around with Confusion these last few weeks. Confusion has been an associate for a long time now but i want to be better friends with Clarity. trouble is that confusion and clarity never travel together. clarity is always late (and unfashionably so)!
so why i met with confusion recently is that i have been offered a new job,at a time when i wasn't even looking for one. this new job promises more money(very attractive), more or less a similar job profile and maybe more exposure with the retail and export markets, trends etc. i have worked with two companies before(second being my present job), both for a period of a year and half. the new job, since i can only speculate, might not offer me a work life balance, work independence, good looking office space such as i have now (i shared some pics with you recently). i use the word might, because that's what my gut tells me, which may or may not be true. maybe its not my guts but the butterflies in my stomach! My question to my dear friend Clarity (who i pray is reading this blog post) is 'should one change one's job for more money?' or 'what should ones' reasons be for a change of job?'. 'what are the questions that i should be asking myself or the new company?' 'am i scared of the change and hence am not taking this up?'
i am better at taking decisions based on things i know i don't want as opposed to what i want; but this trick doesn't seem to be working anymore and Clarity is nowhere to be found!
so please you kind souls help find clarity!
oh suresh where are you?

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