Sunday, February 14, 2016

Doors and Windows of Marrakech, Chefchauen & Fez

Some of you already know that husband and I were lucky to travel to Morocco in 2015. As a matter of fact, all of last year was full of travel for us and I hope to sort out my pictures and share them with you here, on my often neglected Blog! Of course this may be a result of the dawn of a new year and all its action packed positivity rubbing off on me, we shall see :)

Within Morocco we traveled to Marrakech, Chefchauen and Fez, with Chefchauen being a hill station and strikingly different to the other two. Since I have hundreds of photographs of my trip, I have decided to organize them into several blog posts, each dealing with a different aspect, Architecture, textiles, bazaars and so on.

Above is the entrance of our beautiful Riad Lheure-dete in Marrakech, you can check out the hotel website here:
It was comfortable and affordable with warm and friendly service.

Riads are typically small residential Haveli Style properties with a central courtyard with a garden/citrus trees and rooms all around. Many of these Riads have been converted into boutique hotels offering great service, in the heart of the old city areas of these popular destinations.
I highly recommend living in one of these to get a taste of Morocco.

Below is a small collection of Doors and windows of Morocco...

Lots more pictures coming soon so stay tuned!

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