Monday, March 16, 2015

Little Venice

Vivek and I have finally settled down in our new home in London. It is a small house, but it is warm.
Ever since my first visit to London, I knew that I would love to live here one day, I am grateful for this chance to experience another culture in another country. Yet there is a sense of inertia within me, of wanting to stay in one place, grow roots and to hold on. In my head I should now be saving up to buy that wooden cupboard, that Smeg refrigerator and slowly build that house that I have pinned on Pinterest, but is it possible if one is on the move, living in one city and then another every 2 to 3 years? 

So having said that I did manage to bring some of my home with me :)
Some of my fav wall art, and I wish to buy some more...any leads?
My Kashmiri Namdah and Kullu Socks + Shoes
And my fridge magnets!
My neighbourhood is beautiful and Little Venice is only a short walk away, so when the sun was out, I took my iPad and sat by the canal to read. lots of people and birds were out, soaking in the sun with me and it was a delightful day.

 Little Venice! 

So stay with me while I fill this space with more interesting days, slowly.

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