Monday, February 16, 2015

London Dreams!

My partner Vivek and I moved to london on the 31st of January 2015. 
This is my 17th day in London and I finally have some time to put down my thoughts here. This is a big move for both of us, I have to say that since I have to remind myself every day, that yes it is a big move...even though it doesn't feel like it yet.

How did we end up here? Well Vivek was offered an internal transfer to the London office with the company he currently works with and we said yes.
We have found the tiny tiny flat that we will be renting here, but we move into it only by 1st of March, so there is time before we call it our home.

So I am here, sitting in a company provided service apartment, in London over looking the cold grey and wet London skyline, writing my first blog for the year 2015.

Anek Designs of course continues, thanks to my Father who has stepped in to help run the workshop and handle production. The workshop therefore is now located in Sikanderpur, Gurgaon, close to my Parent's home. I have no idea if my Dad really wanted to get involved or not, did he volunteer or did I just assume that he would be the one to manage the workshop, since he is retired from his job with the bank? I am still wondering about this...but it doesn't seem like he has a choice now :)

I cannot think of anyone, other than My Dad, managing Anek Designs as I would have run it. I say that since I know we are alike in a lot of ways, easily flustered, panicky, impatient and emotionally, thoroughly involved. So the workshop is small, the tailors are new, and the business a little unorganized (thanks to me), but we continue with the production and hopefully will find our feet very soon. 
Can I just slip in that we are looking for a reliable driver, so if you know one in Gurgaon...please get in touch :D I might as well add that we are also looking to outsource hand work and fabric suppliers and for anyone who wants to help!! 

Back to being in London. Vivek and I are here for a few years hopefully and we intend to learn the difference between Zucchini, Courgette and Tori among other things like travelling and getting a hang of the famous English Humour.

We will be living in Maida Vale, this is where we are renting a flat and the area looks lovely. I can't wait to explore the neighbourhood. You can check out some images for Maida Vale here:

The flat is old and it will take some effort and time to make it pretty and photo ready. 
I will be uploading images of the progress I make with the house, here on my blog, which I promise to be more regular with, now that I have all the time. Thank you Papa!!

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