Monday, July 14, 2014

new skirts on Anek Designs!

have you seen them on our facebook page and etsy shop yet?

i am in love with our new reversible kantha free size free spirit skirts! they comfortably fit waist sizes upto 38 inches and are 34 inches long. my awesome niece agreed to model them for us and she is 5 ft 6 inches tall!
our model :)
do let me know what words/ style come to your mind when you look at these? what else would you like anek designs to make?


Anonymous said...

Wrap arounds never went out of style.

Colored Lungis are the greatest style these days. Very versatile.
It fits your size everytime - even when the waist does the YO-YO after every diet marathon

I wore them in several places. And people asked me where did I buy them - they didnt recognize that it was the good old lungi. Stock them up, because these colored lungis only show up in season ( sept - December ) in south indian shops/North eastern shops ( chador)

Colored lungis are not just for men you know !

Preethi said...

Love your skirts. First time on your site. They are beautiful