Tuesday, June 5, 2012

anek designs now @ srishti store, pune!!

shout out to the Puneri Junta!!! anek designs is now available at the Srishti Store, Sus Road, Pune!!!! it is nothing fancy, and totally non glamorous, but if you love handicrafts this is the place to go!! get a whole lot of gifting ideas here..and if you happen to meet the owner...do mention that i told you about it!!! :D

owner Debjani Banerjee has been running the store for more that 6 years now and has been working extensively with jute material.
she undertakes corporate orders as well!

 beautiful jute folders
 lots of jute bags
 and some anek designs :)

check out their facebook page here


Sharon said...


Home improvement said...

Those are some awesome items for home decor. One who has to do renovation and make it indian style should definetly use all this stuff. It will give your house an amazing look.

pertiqya said...

so nice blog

Unknown said...

loved d vases and d durries with bright borders. enough to perk up a room with small changes
nice post

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download bokep said...

creative and very beautiful ... :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations..this store looks amazing.

Sarika Periwal said...

Those are some fab designs. I absolutely love the vases with the womens paintings on them. Very very classy.

Nidhi Joshi said...

It is really awesome page and congratulation for this store.