Wednesday, June 1, 2011

spicing it up...all because of you poorvi!

one step at a time.....
when poorvi asked to add my spice....make a mobile and make the space my own...well my hands started itching and this is what i made.....very unfinished....but it was super quick and i love it! thanks poorvi!
the fabric balls are made from my mother in law's old saris....i bring 3-4 back with me on every trip...
of course she know about them! :D
so my house is soon going to be a design sample house...all the first samples get used here... :)
this piece may be used on door handles, along side wind chimes that sound really good but look awful, hangings for your car, as a mobile for kids and adults alike....:)
 so what do you think?
you like? will buy?
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