Thursday, July 8, 2010

varya: fine living

i'm sure most of the Dilliwallahs already know about Varya, the beautiful lifestyle store in the heart of Lutyen's Delhi...right there at Janpath..

the store offers an eclectic collection of sophisticated, contemporary designed furniture and home accessories. it houses many brands..esp my favourite JIM THOMPSON and offers the wedding list service...yes you heard many stores in India do you know that offer this service hmm...

like what you see?? check out the company website and of course its there on Janpath.
oooh Dilli how much i miss you!


Anonymous said...

Oh nice.. I've heard about the store.. The cushions look very nice!

GB said...

So kanika, I'm embarrased to say i haven't heard of it- is it new (as in younger than 10 yrs?). Thanks for sharing this I'm glad you wrote about it. :)

And I'm soooo with you- I miss Delhi so much it hurts! :(