Friday, July 23, 2010

short trip to delhi and am back with some more products :)

so i went to delhi for 4-5 days and got back only today..the news is that my brother is getting married to his long time girlfriend !! yaya!! the dates haven't been finalized yet but the wedding ceremony will be mostly in the first week of december and i am super kicked about it..

kantha mobile pouches

before i start serious costing and organizing for the shop launch on etsy, i thought i'd share with you some product pictures and get your most valued feedback...

pompom key rings

yup these are soon going to be up for sale on my etsy watch this space for more

...and what do you think???


Anonymous said...

OH how.. cool is that!! congrats to your bro!! I love .. love that mobile phone pouch!!

Unknown said...

thanks Patricia...i am soo nervous about uploading my work pics...but encouragement from you keeps me going!

thanks again

Peggy said...

Cute! Have a question...where did you ge teh India Gate/Qatub key hanger thingie.. also very cute.

Unknown said...

Hi Peggy

Thanks for stopping by!
I picked the hanger at an exhibition last year in delhi...this is when i was preparing to move in with my brand new Husband in my Brand New Home :)
sorry i don't have the seller's contact info :/


Sharon said...

Hey Kanika, Lovely products...and I am so honored I got the preview of the previews of your keychain when we met last week
Ignorant ol' me you know wht I am referring to...they are awesome, and I can't wait to see more of your work!

Kamini said...

Hey congrats to you brother...nothing like an Indian wedding for a whole lot of tamasha and fun! Now you can go sari/clothing shopping for it! Love your work...its beautiful stuff! Keep uploading pics of it! We love it!

Shalini said...

Congrats on your brother's engagement! I'll be in Delhi for a wedding in December too :-))

I love the cell phone pouch. So excited about your etsy launch...I am a complete etsy addict.

GB said...

The pom-pom keychains are very cute, but won't they get dirty/shred....its such a high-use item. I'm wondering if this magic will work better for a hanging thingy (like the parrots/elephant hangings) or something like a cool trimmed cushion/placemat....I love the vibrant colors you've use. Very cute. :)

Devi said...

Great work Kanika...hope to shop on etsy soon for ur stuff..

Neha Gupta Khorwal said...

awesome keyring!!! i would like to see all ur stuff soon b4 placing orders!!! :)

Unknown said...

yes i realise that the key rings are an everyday use product....but shredding becomes a part of the design (since it is not neatly trimmed to begin with)
they will become dirty eventually like everything i did avoid light colours etc but these can be easily washed at home...maybe i should start using one and post the after use pics:)

thanks for taking time out for this feedback i appreciate it!


Unknown said...

thank you all for your feedback and encouragement...keeps me going!

iAmCha said...


Congratulations to you and your brother.

Swati Vaid said...

Congrats Kanika!

The products look great. Have been looking for some nice key rings for sometime now... :)

Rupa said...

hey liked your products...waiting for your etsy first time here ...nice blog

Hippie Holly said...

The pom pom key chains are lovely, though I'd even wear them as earrings!!!! They are really pretty. Have you set up your Etsy shop yet? We'd love a better look, we love our Etsy :)