Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm back!

so after a long break from the blogland i am back and now posting from Pune! yay!!
i am now officially a Mrs. but i plan to keep my surname intact :)

the wedding and all the pre and post celebrations and ceremonies were super fun and had a beautiful honeymoon in is a glimpse of Bhutan just for your eyes...and i will be back with more stay tuned.


Sharon said...

Lovely pic! Have you straightened your hair?


nikheel said...

Congratulations Mrs. Bahl:)
Welcome back.

Unknown said...

Hi Sharon!

Super to hear from you!
No I haven't straightened my hair...but I'm lucky cuz when I tie my hair up wet...they become straightish on drying and when I leave them open to dry post washing without combing they curl up! :)

Unknown said...

Nikheel! Thanks and see you around!

Dithi said...

Hi Kanika! Congratulations to you both and welcome back! Honeymoon in Bhutan sounds perfect, thanks for sharing the photos!