Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roberta Freymann Fabrics

i came across these wonderful products by Roberta Freymann yesterday and am just so glad i did :)
i love the simplicity of block prints and the fact that this printing technique is so well suited to global aesthetics.
this particular print above is my favourite of the lot, simple and dramatic at the same time.

what a cute little bathing suit...in block print...who would have thought!
and the kurta or the tunic another integral product with global appeal. i credit the popularity of the kurta to the nomads and then to the 60's with the flower power and hippie mania!

for more just click here. all pics from the website.
awesome!! i have always loved block prints and everyday i get newer ideas on how to make it more contemporary!


Anonymous said...

Oh lovely... I like the second print.. I also like the pink & green quilt... so pretty & simple!

Unknown said...

Hi Patricia!
I love these products too and to think they are easily available in India but once put out on global platforms they aquire new aesthetics don't you think?

have I told you that I truely appreciate your encouragement and comments on my blog?