Saturday, January 24, 2009

dream home decor wishlist

the picture above from Velachery Balu's foto stream on Flickr

i wish to have Athangudi Tiles in my dream home...maybe the balconies...and the kitchen..hmm i wish i have my balcony and kitchen next to each other. watch this brilliant video on the tile making process and you'll fall in love with them too!! i'd love to get contact info of units that manufacture them in Tamil Nadu...does anyone know?

via Rang Decor


Smriti Mahajan said...

I am glad I finally met found someone who shares my love for these awesome tiles! :)

Your blog is very nice too.. read some of it just now, will sure keep in touch now on!

Chandan said...

yahoo.comHi Kanika,
I love your blog.. these tiles, your dream homes and the sari you designed for yourself.. Fab.
Thanks for dropping by Girl About Home, as for the dyes, I used Dylon cold water dyes readily available in craft and DIY stores. I am sure they can be sourced through the internet also.

Dithi said...

I loved the video, am going to post it on my blog soon. The colours of these tiles are so in tune with the colours I use for my paintings! Love them.

Unknown said...

Thanks Chandan! i will surely look up the dyes online! Thank you for stopping by.

Hey Dithi! i soo agree..the colour of the tiles match perfectly with your paintings! Its really good to have met you here!

Unknown said...

Hi Smriti, thank you for the must surely keep in touch!

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

We have these tiles in our study and the staircase:-)

They are so lovely and the fact that each tile is handmade makes it even more special:-)

Hope your dream home becomes a reality soon:-)

Came in via An Indian Summer.


mena said...


i am from KARAIKUDI, Near the Tiles makeing village Aathangudi.

wish to hear from you, you can meet the tiles makers here


vishakha said...

hi meena,

i have been in love with these tiles since i first saw them in residence hotel in chennai. and that was 9 years back. kept thinking that i'd use them in our new home that's becoming a reality now. can you help me get in touch with some manufacturers please? some place i could go and personally select the designs? will be obliged if you could help me out.

vishakha said...

Hi Meiyappan,

I've been in love with Aathangudi tiles every since i saw them at the Residency Towers in Chennai. We're in the process of decorating our new appartment and I'd love to use these tiles in the house. Could you please put me in touch with some manufacturer's there? Some place where I can personally choose the designs? I'd be obliged. I love in Chennai.