Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Wedding Season

Hi there!
i haven't posted in over a month now...its shameful i know but i have been really busy with three of my cousins deciding to get married within days of each other! so now i am back to routine and will hopefully be posting more regularly. all three weddings were a lot of fun and i finally got to wear the saree i had designed...yay!!!
heres a picture to show you how i looked in it and the link to the saree i had visualised on my computer..this post takes you to the raw material for my saree :)
The saree complete with a blouse costed me rs 7500 which is not so cheap but i think is worth it.
all the wedding shopping and endless trips to the boutiques for fittings etc was very exciting and i will be doing a post on that soon.
see ya!


Anonymous said...

Can i just pick my jaw that dropped and hold it in place to say W. O. W..
you must must and absolutely must post in detail how you achieved this magnificient sari..
its unbeleivable that somebody coudl create it.. ok i know being a textile designer helps but still..
it could give our Kala Niketan's and all a run for its money...
Btw you look smashing too in it...

Lucky said...

lol - there's NOTHING like an indian wedding! you look ravishing! and i KNWO it was a blast!

nikheel said...

Welcome backji!
Beautiful and pretty ensemble:)
Absolutely worth spending on that...

Unknown said...

Hey Nona!
Thanks for such an enthusiastic comment!:)
I have put in links to the computer artwork and the Fabric images in my post and will be detailing out the construction process in my next post.Thanks for visiting!

"Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye!!"
Hey Lucky
do u know thats the name of a new release in bollywood and is also the title Track of the movie! danced a lot to that tune on the weddings. Thanks for the lovely comment!

Thanks Nikheel!

pinky said...

beautiful saree! great design great colours!