Tuesday, July 1, 2008

masala chai

masala chai reminds me so much of the NID main gate and the endless number of chai, bhajiya, company and ideas i have enjoyed there...it was a place where casual conceptualisation took place for most of the regulars, be it in form of jokes, smart ass comments or in the sketchbooks of the die hard. its so good to be transported back to the main gate for an odd cuppa masala chai every now and then...
why i am thinking of masala chai is because its a blog i got introduced to today. i was completely knocked out by the content of this blog...you'll find smashing desi art, design and profiles right here (http://masalachaionline.blogspot.com/) so check it out for yourself right now!

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still water said...

Hi Kanika,

Thanks for the comments..yes I think people tree is open on fridays..:)

Was nice to see your blog too..

Hope work is going well

Akhila :)